Healthcare for International clients

Specialist medical insurance for expats living or working abroad.

  • Which insurance companies do you compare?

    We have access to Allianz, InterGlobal, Cigna, AXA, Aviva, Bupa International, Expacare, Exeter Friendly, DKV and Now Health.

  • I don't have any insurance at the moment, can you help me?

    Yes, whether or not you currently have medical insurance in place, we will find the best cover and insurance provider to suit your needs.

  • Do you charge for your services?

    No, we earn a commission from your insurance provider, which will not affect your premiums.

  • Why do you not recommend local cover from local providers?

    We are not comfortable with the many benefit limitations and lack of guarantees of future coverage. We want to ensure our clients have the right level of cover.

  • Which insurer is best?

    All the insurers we compare have great products. Our job is to match you up with the best one for your personal circumstances to make sure you have the right cover at the best price.

  • What are the typical benefit options of International medical insurance policies?

    In-Patient and day case treatment

    In-Patient refers to treatment received in a hospital where an overnight stay is necessary. Day case is where a procedure takes place in a hospital, but you do not stay overnight, such as minor operation. This benefit typically includes cover for high costs scans such as MRI, PET and CT to ensure your outpatient lasts longer each year.


    Out-Patient (optional)

    Out-Patient refers to treatment usually provided in the practice or surgery of a medical practitioner, therapist or specialist but can occasionally be in a hospitals out-patient department. This will typically cover drugs dressings, x-rays, pathology, diagnostics and procedures.


    Routine Dental (optional)

    This can include an annual dental check-up, simple fillings and root canal treatment.


    Maternity (optional)

    Provides cover for medical costs incurred during pregnancy and childbirth and can include benefits such as birth defects and complications.


    Wellbeing (optional)

    This benefit encourages good health by providing early detection of serious illnesses. It can include cancer screening, cardiovascular examinations, neurological examinations, blood pressure and cholesterol tests.


    Cover in your home country

    Most polices will cover your treatment in your home country and some will allow you to continue your cover should you decide to return home indefinitely.



    Evacuation covers you for transport costs to the nearest suitable medical centre, when the treatment you need is not available nearby.

  • How can I buy international medical insurance?

    Directly from an insurer

    If you buy direct, you will be advised on their range of products only so they will not be able to discuss how their cover compares to a competitor. They will not be able to give you any independent advice or direct you to a more suitable insurer.


    From an agent

    Agents can sometimes provide more options than by going direct to an Insurer, however they are typically tied to a few insurance providers and may be only able to offer inferior local policies.


    From a broker

    A good broker will give you completely independent advice, ensuring you have the right cover and you do not pay more than you need to.

  • Can I save money if I buy direct from the insurance company?

    In all cases our premiums obtained by will either be the same or lower than dealing with an insurance company directly.

  • How much does international medical insurance cost?

    Insurers will typically take into account age, benefits, payment frequency, pre-existing conditions, scheme excesses and currency payment method to determine your premium.


    As an example, a 39 year old can expect to pay between €80.00 and €130.00 per month for a high quality inpatient cover plan.