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Whether you are looking at taking out medical insurance for the first time or you are checking that your existing policy is still competitive, we are here to help you.

Private medical insurance is designed to provide prompt access to high quality medical treatment.

Many people in the UK are covered under a private medical insurance arrangement. Whether you already have cover in place or you are looking for cover for the first time, it is important to ensure that your policy is appropriate and you are not paying more than you need to.

It may be possible to switch your existing medical coverage to a new policy without any loss of cover, however each insurer asks different medical questions when deciding this. We research all the options available to you and also advise you on hidden areas such as:

The different levels of private hospital coverage.

How no claims discounts will affect your future premiums.

Possible claim payment shortfalls and how to avoid them.

How insurers calculate renewal premiums based on your claims.

Who decides which consultant you will be able to use – you, your GP or your insurance company?

Private medical insurance provides fast access to healthcare without the worries of the NHS treatment lottery. If you already have a policy in place, why not have an expert review it to ensure that you have the right cover in place at the right premium?

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Already have cover in place?

For clients who already have cover in place, we offer a “policy review service” to check if your current policy still meets your requirements and is still good value for money. Depending on your medical history, it may be possible to switch to a new insurance company without having any additional medical exclusions applied.

At Citrus Healthcare Consulting we will provide you with easy to understand options and independent advice. This is how we do it

Complete the form (Download Here)
appointing us as your independent medical insurance adviser* and post it to us or scan and email it to us.

*this will not affect your policy in any way, it just means that we become your independent adviser

We obtain your policy details directly from your medical insurance provider and provide you with our initial findings and how your policy compares to those offered by other insurers.

We will speak to you to discuss your current medical history and then see which insurers can accommodate your required benefits, whilst maintaining cover for your pre-existing medical conditions.

We recommend to you the product which most meets your requirements and budget.

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We are able to review your business medical insurance policy each year to ensure that you do not pay more than you need to.

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We are here to make medical insurance simple and easy to understand. Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.



Citrus Healthcare Consulting is based in Kent and was launched to provide independent medical insurance advice to businesses of all sizes.

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K Lee

Should have spoken to Richard years earlier. But never too late. Very happy.

R Gandecha

Great service and really helpful. Gave me useful advice to help me make my own decision about which healthcare cover to get. Thank you!

Stephen T

Great personal service for me and my family. Every year each of the policies have been checked and replaced where necessary in such a very easy process.

V Lack

Very pleased with the service I have received. Saved money for the same benefits. Would recommend.