Private Medical Insurance for Individuals and Families

Before contacting Citrus Healthcare people are not always aware how much premiums can rise if they become ill and use their policy.

At Citrus Healthcare we will provide you with easy to understand options and independent advice.

This is how we do it



*this will not affect your policy in any way, it just means that we become your independent adviser

We obtain your policy details directly from your medical insurance provider and provide you with our initial findings and how your policy compares to other insurers.

We will speak to you to discuss your current medical history and then see which insurers can accommodate your required benefits, whilst maintaining cover for your pre-existing medical conditions.

We recommend to you the product which best meets your requirements and budget.

It may be possible to switch your existing medical coverage to a new policy without any loss of cover, however each insurer asks different medical questions when deciding this. We research all the options available to you and also advise you on hidden areas such as:

The different levels of private hospital coverage

How no claims discounts will affect your future premiums

Possible claim payment shortfalls and how to avoid them

How insurers calculate renewal premiums based on your claims

Who decides which consultant you will be able to use - you, your GP or your insurance company?