Our Guide to Buying International Medical Insurance

What are the differences between international and local medical insurance.

Under the term "medical insurance" there are various types of plans and some are considerably more comprehensive than others. There is always a reason when insurance is "cheap" and it can lead to disappointment if your policy isn’t as comprehensive as you first thought. Not only can you find out you are not actually covered, but you are then unable to find cover for your new medical conditions.


Choice of hospital

If you are going to have private treatment you will want it at a hospital that suits you. You will want to use a hospital with the very best equipment and clinical expertise. Having comprehensive international medical insurance will allow you to be in control of where you have your treatment.


Choice of specialist

You will want to have full confidence in the specialist who will be treating you and the surgeon who will be operating on you. Low costs polices can leave you unable to choose your specialist, with the insurer deciding who will perform the operation. It is also important that your specialist speaks your language and is be able to communicate with you clearly.


Cover in the UK and abroad

If you are seriously ill you may want the option to have your operation at a private facility in a country outside of your residence. A full international medical insurance plan will give you this flexibility, a local plan will not.


Cover cancelled when you get old

Sadly we time and time again hear of people who have been covered under a cheap local plan only to find that their local cover is stopped due to their ill health or age. We believe that it is wrong to cancel a policy, just because someone has reached 65 years old. They are then left unable to find alternative cover for their pre-existing medical conditions.


Cover across Europe

If you want access to the best specialists and hospitals in Europe, full international medical insurance can provide this to you.


Continuation of cover if you return to the UK

Having international medical insurance can give you continuous coverage when you return to the UK. If you have developed a medical condition under a local plan then unfortunately this will not be covered when you re-arrange cover in the UK.


English speaking claims advisers

When arranging your treatment clarity is of paramount importance, International and UK call centres are set up to ensure you get all the support you need.


Covered by the Financial Ombudsman

For your protection, all the insurers we recommend are covered by the UK Financial Ombudsman.


Protected by the UK Financial Conduct Authority

All the insurers we recommend are all registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority.