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Medical insurance introducers – Citrus Healthcare Consulting works with 100’s of financial advisers giving their clients the best medical insurance advice.

Private medical insurance requires a specialist area of advice. Citrus Healthcare Consulting is an independent medical insurance broker, so we ensure that your clients get the best medical insurance advice and that your client bank is protected too.

What happens when a client is referred to Citrus Healthcare Consulting for medical insurance advice?
We keep you updated on a regular basis so you always know what is happening with your client. The level of detail we provide is tailored to suit your business.

Do you just provide medical insurance related advice?
Yes, we sign a legal agreement with our medical insurance introducers and this allows us to only talk about medical insurance services. If your client wants help or advice on another financial product they will be referred back to you. If you are not helping your client with their medical insurance, do you know who is?

How is commission shared?
Full details of becoming a medical insurance introducer are available upon request.

Areas of expertise

• Individual medical insurance
• International medical insurance
• Small business medical insurance
• Large business medical insurance
• Medical trusts (500+ employees)
• Corporate dental insurance
• Corporate travel insurance
• Corporate cash plans
• Employee assistance programmes

Financial Advisor Zone

The Adviser Zone has been designed to make the process of working with Citrus Healthcare Consulting as easy as possible. Bespoke literature for both you and your clients means that we provide full support before you even introduce a client to us. Our on-line referral service means that introducing clients to us is as simple of possible, whilst still allowing those of you who prefer the more traditional phone or email method! At Citrus Healthcare Consulting we don’t just provide great service to customers, but to our introducers too.

Some of our trusted providers

What our customers say

K Lee

Should have spoken to Richard years earlier. But never too late. Very happy.

R Gandecha

Great service and really helpful. Gave me useful advice to help me make my own decision about which healthcare cover to get. Thank you!

Stephen T

Great personal service for me and my family. Every year each of the policies have been checked and replaced where necessary in such a very easy process.

V Lack

Very pleased with the service I have received. Saved money for the same benefits. Would recommend.