Private Medical Insurance for Business

When you take out a business medical insurance policy it is important that you have the right cover in place.

At Citrus Healthcare we will provide you with easy to understand options and independent advice.

This is how we do it

Call us to discuss your company requirements.

We research all the available options to you and provide you with a comprehensive product and premium comparison report.

We recommend to you the product and the insurer which best meets your requirements and budget.

If you decide to proceed, we will also provide you with ongoing  administration support (leavers, joiners, address changes etc.) throughout the year with our direct access to each insurers' computer systems.

Our business clients understand the affordability of future cover should one of their employees suffer a serious illness. As an example, if one of your employees makes a high claim some insurers will increase all employees premiums at policy renewal by up to 50%. In addition to this, you may then not be eligible to switch cover to another insurance provider.


Not only will we research the different options available to you, we will also explain hidden areas such as:

The different levels of private hospital coverage

How claims will affect your future premiums

Possible claim payment shortfalls and how to avoid them

How insurers calculate renewal premiums based on your claims

Who decides which consultant you will be able to use - you, your GP or your insurance company?

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Business Medical Insurance